When we take an inquisitive approach to researching, reviewing, and reflecting upon our classroom strategies and pedagogies, we develop a growth mindset which can enhance our teaching practice in new and novel ways. Shaping an academic course through this optic has benefited my teaching practice in three significant areas >> imagination // experimentation // discovery.

First, by approaching a course as if it is a blank canvas for unhindered provocations of the imagination, I am pushed to think more radically and daringly about curriculum design. Second, by developing a pathway to analyze the impact of curriculum design on student learning, I am emboldened to experiment creatively yet purposefully with innovative pedagogies. Third, by disseminating the learning insights from my foray with innovative pedagogies, I aim to illuminate how course experimentations can result in new discoveries that advance the frontier of education.

More fundamentally, by embracing a “beginner’s curiosity” towards understanding the metacognitive dimensions of my teaching practice, I am able to find a renewed enthusiasm for the classroom and a reinvigorated passion for my disciplinary field. And, ultimately, sharing this creative energy with my students engenders a two-way conversation to explore what teaching and learning signify for us, individually and collectively.

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I have taught graduate and undergraduate courses at the University of British Columbia. These courses are offered by the School of Community and Regional Planning (SCARP) as part of a dynamic suite that introduces students to various perspectives and approaches towards understanding our urbanizing world.

To learn more about the courses that have been taught by me, please click on the poster images below.

PLAN 548Q Futures Planning


Special thanks to the inaugural cohort of PLAN548Q (2020 Summer Term 1) for bravely enrolling in the first installation of the course (which, moreover, was designed and delivered for 100% web-oriented modality during the COVID-19 pandemic). I also wish to thank the inaugural cohort for their generosity in allowing me to publicly share our class ‘Digital Daily Log’ >> click here. It would be both humbling and rewarding if the insights from our experience have the potential to intrigue, inform, and inspire!

PLAN 509 Urbanism as a Global Way of Life

PLAN 425 Urban Planning Issues and Concepts

PLAN 211 City-Making: A Global Perspective

Course posters for PLAN 211 and PLAN 425 designed by former student Katie Robertson, supervised by Su-Jan Yeo (SCARP | 2018).