Imagination, Ideation, Innovation: A Pedagogical Perspective

When we take an inquisitive approach to researching, reviewing, and reflecting upon our classroom strategies and pedagogies, we develop a growth mindset which can enhance our teaching practice in new and novel ways. Shaping an academic course through a scholarly lens has benefited my teaching practice in three significant areas: imagination, experimentation, and discovery.

First, by tackling a course as if it is a blank canvas for provocations of the imagination, I am pushed to think more radically and daringly about curriculum design. Second, by developing a systematic inquiry into the impact of curriculum design on student learning, I am emboldened to experiment deliberately with innovative pedagogies. Third, by disseminating the learning lessons from my foray with innovative pedagogies, I aim to illuminate how course experimentations can lead to new discoveries that advance the frontier of education.

More fundamentally, by embracing a “beginner’s curiosity” toward understanding the metacognitive dimensions of my teaching practice, I am able to find a renewed enthusiasm for the classroom and a reinvigorated passion for my disciplinary field. And, ultimately, sharing this creative energy with my students engenders a two-way conversation to explore what teaching and learning means for us, individually and collectively.

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I am currently teaching graduate and undergraduate courses at the University of British Columbia. These courses are offered by the School of Community and Regional Planning (SCARP) as part of a dynamic suite that introduces students to various perspectives and approaches toward understanding our urbanizing world.

To learn more about the courses that I teach, please click on the poster images below.


PLAN 548Q Futures Planning


PLAN 509 Urbanism as a Global Way of Life

PLAN 425 Urban Planning Issues and Concepts

PLAN 211 City-Making: A Global Perspective

Course posters for PLAN 211 and PLAN 425 designed by former student Katie Robertson, supervised by Su-Jan Yeo (SCARP | 2018).